Credit expert Dave Fulk urges readers to familiarize themselves with online spending safety to protect their finances and their credit.

Tampa, FL — July 01, 2015 — Dave Fulk, president of National Credit Federation, published a new article entitled “How to Play It Safe With Online Financial Transactions.” In the article, he reveals five simple things people can do to ensure they are making secure online purchases and keeping their credit safe.

Fulk says, “When maintaining or improving your credit score is important to you, there’s nothing more intimidating than making a purchase that you’re not entirely sure is secure. As more and more business transactions happen online, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace to make even everyday purchases over the internet. So how do you protect yourself — and your credit — when so much of your personal information is on the line?”

Dave Fulk, NACSO, CCRA, is the president of National Credit Federation and a national speaker on finance and credit. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, specializing in finance, mortgages, and credit.

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