Listen to the whole “Next Big Thing” interview with the entire Executive Team from Bentley Financial Group

Herschel Bentley – CEO

Herschel Bentley has been in the credit and lending business for over 30 years. A serial entrepreneur and nationally-recognized speaker and expert on credit, Herschel’s passion is helping people obtain the personal and business objectives they have regardless of credit history. He has been profiled in news outlets like Forbes magazine, USA Today, Boston Herald, CNBC, and CBS Moneywatch, along with 27 other major outlets. He has been interviewed on the Michael Gerber show, who authored the best seller “E-Myth”. Herschel touts his best accomplishment, and the thing he is most proud of, is his marriage to his wife, Jennifer, for 34 years.

Herschel recently co-authored a book with Steve Forbes that was a #1 best seller on Amazon, called SuccessOnomics and is working with two sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank on some other business ventures.