Unlike your high school test scores, your credit score is something that continues to make a huge impact throughout your adult life. But many people think as infrequently about their credit score as they do about their old grades, or worse, never look at it at all. But the fact remains that even though you might not look at your credit score, others can — and it can make a huge impact on your financial security.

So who gets access to your credit score besides you?

Credit Card Companies

Want a good interest rate? The higher your credit score, the lower the rate will be.

Auto Dealerships

That shiny new car will cost you a pretty penny if your credit isn’t up to snuff.

Mortgage Lenders

You’ll come home to a better loan if you have a good credit score.


Want to snap up that great apartment? You’ll have better luck with better credit.

Perspective Employers

That dream job you want might get put on hold if your credit isn’t up to par.

Current Employers

Your promotion could be on hold, as more and more employers are making it part of the promotion requirements is to pass a credit check.

Insurance Companies

Good credit shows you’re a lower-risk client, which can land you a sweeter deal.

As an added twist, the credit score that many of the above institutions and individuals see is different than the score you see. For certain types of businesses, your credit score is assessed according to different industry-specific criteria. What does this mean? If you’re hovering between poor and moderate, or moderate and good credit, aim to boost your score to the next category. The higher your score, the more you’ll save both in the long and short term.

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