We understand your credit is like your financial fingerprint and everyone’s is just a little different and unique to them. So we have created some great options for you in order to help you live a restored credit lifestyle.

Option 1 – Done For You

With our Done For You program our process is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step one is to
“Discuss” your situation with one of our highly trained consultants to determine if credit repair is the right option.

Step two is to
“Dispute”  the inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable items you identified on your credit reports that are harming your scores.

Step three is to
“Delight” in the fact you are well on your way to a more accurate credit report and accomplishing your financial goals.

As part of our Done-For-You program you will get an extensive credit audit with a Personalized Credit Repair Blueprint. We will set-up your Client Hangout, which is an online portal giving you 24/7 access to monitor the progress on your credit file. Create a strategic plan to assist you in meeting your goals. And Provide ongoing credit education and consulting to help you maintain ongoing healthy credit.

We will: regularly update your online Client Hangout; draft and send letters to the credit bureaus, creditors and certain agencies on your behalf; process the results as they come in; and continually monitor your credit report to track changes. Additionally, all work is billed in arrears, so you only pay after the work has been completed.

Upon sign-up, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work with you through the entire process, answer all of your questions, and help you navigate the road to restored credit and a brighter financial future.

To Get Started

  • For a detailed audit from a highly trained consultant and a personalized credit score blueprint.

Then in 30 days

  • This is done for you. Document preparation, credit dispute and verification program. 1-6 Months.

If Needed

  • This is to continue the document preparation, credit dispute and verification program after the completion of your 6 month program. Month 7+

Great benefits NCF members receive:

Custom Online Budgeting Tool

NCF gives you an advanced, easy-to-use tool for organizing and viewing all of your financial accounts in one convenient, secure place. Set budgets, monitor spending and achieve your financial goals—all right here.

Personalized Credit Score Blueprint

NCF’s Personalized Credit Score Blueprint is a 50-plus page document that breaks down every aspect of your credit report. It provides you with personalized advice and recommendations, including a complete audit and analysis of your credit report, and suggestions on what you need to keep doing, start doing and stop doing. It is a comprehensive guide that describes what each of your accounts is and why each one matters to your financial goals. It highlights your credit profile in a completely unique and useful way.

Member Investment Warranty

At NCF, we don’t believe you should pay for ineffective service. We offer a No Risk Member Investment Warranty: If there are no derogatory items removed from or repaired on your credit report in the first 3 months of your enrollment, and you have complied with the terms of your membership agreement, we will terminate your agreement at your request, and refund all membership fees paid.

At the conclusion of your 6 month membership, if your credit has not improved, we will refund 100% of your membership fees.

Partner Credit Repair

Do you have a significant other who may benefit from improved credit? If so we offer a discount plan for both of you!

Credit University Access

“Understanding credit and how it works is one of the best kept secrets out there. It’s a game we are all required to play but they never gave us the rules of how to play” – Dave Fulk

At National Credit Federation, we want to help everyone understand their credit, so we developed our Credit University. As experts in the credit industry, we have used our extensive industry knowledge to create a series of courses. You can review courses on an array of topics from basic credit scores to debt collection laws and become a credit pro.

And Much More…

At National Credit Federation, our membership model allows you to invest in your future with affordable monthly payments.

The initial investment of $197 covers an extensive credit audit, your Personalized Credit Repair Blueprint, and set-up of your Client Hangout, which is an online portal giving you 24/7 access to monitor the progress on your credit file.

Thirty days after the initial consultation, the first of 6 consecutive monthly investments of $147 will be due for the credit dispute and verification program. After the completion of this phase, if we agree that additional work is needed, your monthly investments will drop to $97 per month.

Option 2 – Start With The Credit Blueprint

This is the very first step we use in our business for our own clients.

This is where we sift, sort, and filter all the information on a credit report, to determine exactly what we need to do.

Once we upload the information, our software cross checks over 1000 data points and then, with “If this-than that” logic systematically tells us the approach to use.

It identifies all of the things we need to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing.

It breaks down not only the trade lines, but the validity of the tradelines, what they mean, and how they are affecting a FICO score AND the credit profile over all.

It’s very powerful and honestly… the only reason we have been able to help as many people as we have.

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Understanding credit and how it works is one of the best kept secrets out there. It is a game we are all required to play, but they never gave us the rules of how to play. In this book, not only will Dave Fulk teach you the rules, he will teach you The Offence, The Defense and the Playing Field of Credit, so you too can win the credit game. The Credit Smack Down covers what makes up your credit and how to understand it. You will discover the things you should keep doing, start doing or most importantly stop doing with your credit to avoid the credit smack down!

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