To be honest I was very apprehensive about going with any company that claimed they could help me repair my credit . I have already tried to many repair companies to even mention them by name but I was advised that I should give national credit federation a chance. Considering I was wanting to purchase a new home and had nothing to lose I gave it one last shot . To be honest I work directly with Krista Phillips and when I say directly it is directly . I can call and speak with her personally at any point in time about any concerns or problems that I’m having. It really feels like I have a friend on my side . She takes every portion of my credit, works with me on any areas that I may need. It feels like she is truly on my side and takes it personal . I have been working with Krista since May of this year with a horrifying 463 credit score. When my credit report updated in September my scores were in the mid to upper six and seven hundreds. My FICO score has increased tremendously and still going up.
I even had a situation where I was trying to pay a creditor but could never get in touch with them to pay them because the number was always disconnected or had changed. With the help of Krista we were able to not only get a phone number but get all fees reversed and get the account current . No other company that I have ever worked with has put so much heart into helping their customers.
I have nothing but good things to say about national credit federation and miss Kristie Phillips I would recommend them to anyone and I have had nothing but a wonderful experience working with her .

Lisa – Willis,Tx