Experian and Transunion have been playing the game for some time but now Equifax has jumped into the selling of FAKE-O credit scores. They just couldn’t hold off adding this USELESS product to add to their bottom line!

Now all three of the credit reporting agencies are in the business of pushing the FAKE credit scores to the unknowing consumer who thinks they are buying their FICO scores.

Shame…Shame…Shame is all I can say.

I mean really what is the purpose in selling you a credit score that not one single lender cares about?   There is no mortgage company, auto loan company or even a mattress lender out there that says “OH, YOU HAVE FAKO SCORES? SURE WE”LL BE HAPPY TO LEND YOU MONEY!”

It’s not going to happen!

This product has been created to simply dupe the unknowing consumer out of their hard earned cash! Greed has taken over the last of the big three and now all selling millions of hard working people this dope, errr I mean hope and belief that their credit scores are higher than they really are.

The credit reporting agencies are doing this because they know that probably less than 5% of the population will know the difference between a FAKE-O and a FICO credit score!

The FTC last year came out with this video to try and get the word out that these FAKE-O and useless products.  You can check it out here…


It’s a cutesy look but the truth of the matter is the Federal Trade Commission just doesn’t have the marketing dollars to get the word out that these fake scores are absolutely useless to you.

How can you protect yourself you ask?

  • Well, if your credit is being pulled by a mortgage broker or other lender then you are most likely safe.
  • If you go on the internet to pull your credit score make sure it says it is a FICO score because any other name or slick sales pitch calling it anything else is a FAKE-O score.
  • Real FICO scores will cost you a few bucks.  Anything giving you free credit scores are FAKE-O for sure!
  • Credit scores will not be included on your free credit reports at www.annualcreditreport.com but can be obtained for a few dollars.
  • The only scores that you should concern yourself with are FICO scores provided by the Fair Issac Corporation and can be obtained from www.myfico.com

If you have a credit report that you’re unsure of or would like some help getting real FICO scores pulled and an overall review of how to improve your credit and scores just CLICK HERE

As in all things in life…Caveat Emptor..Let the buyer beware!