Al had spent almost his entire professional career with “ok” credit. That was the problem, it was only that: “OK”. He was almost always able to get financing, but he had to pay more than people with better credit. And, it was just too low for a home purchase at the payment he wanted.

Before he joined, his scores were in the mid 600s. (Really not that bad, about average for the scores in the US.) After steadily working with his case manager by timely sending in his results and by using the advice his case manager gave him, his TransUnion score has gone from a 664 to a 716! And his middle score is now a 700!

Here is what he just emailed his case manager:

Subject: U do outstanding work
From: <>
Date: Fri, September 23, 2011 4:30 pm
To: mmartin


When we started this venture I was hoping to have my credit rating upgraded. Never in my widest dreams would my credit rating be enough to purchase a home. I just want to thank you in advance of my new home purchase.

Al K.