This is my success story! I am Albert K Senior off Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the down turn in real estate the time was right to purchase a home. After contacting a real estate agent I was referred to a loan officer for pre-qualification. My credit report indicated that I had a couple accounts in collection and as a result my credit score was to low to qualify for a home loan.

She told me of National Credit and I was introduced to Mark Coats. I told him of my situation, retired and on fixed income. Did not pull any punches. Told me exactly what to expect and I signed up.
Monique Martin was assigned as my credit coordinator, she guided me through the process.

After a year I was informed that my credit score was within the range of FHA approval. In the meantime, my bank approved my credit card application which they disapproved six months prior. On December 23, 2011 I closed on property I call my home, without National Credit this would’ve never happened. Thank you again!”