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My name is David C I am a Real Estate agent for the greater Las Vegas
area. I have been in real estate for over 7 years.

Before I joined National Credit Federation I had lost my home due to the economic collapse in 2008. I was no longer able to make my mortgage payments and therefore lost my home to foreclosure.

I continued to work very hard at my business I was fortunate that I was able to continue to thrive in my real estate business as the years past. I had also realized that my credit had dropped dramatically due to the foreclosure and I was not able to purchase another new home once my income had increased and the market had stabilized.

At the time my median credit score was a 580 a colleague of mine told me about National Credit Federation. So I signed up to the credit restoration program and immediately I began to see the process start the negotiation on my negative credit items. The agent I was working with was always up to date on the negotiations and was always available through e-mails or phone conversations.  I also had 24/7 access to my account through an online portal.

After being a member of National Credit Federation my score has jumped to a 766 and I was able to get a great deal on a new home were I currently reside.

I want to thank National Credit Federation and my agent for all of the help in restoring my credit. I also look forward to referring my clients to National Credit Federation that are in need of credit repair.