This review is long overdue. NCF has proved to be a winner for me. My credit score went up 115 points in 4 months thanks to the meticulous work and attention-to-detail of Monique and the rest of the team that worked with her on this (Joanne Taylor, and Marinelly). In August 2017 my score was 670 and it is now January 2018 and the latest I checked my score was 785. I am shooting for over 800 now! A brief history: Before contacting NCF I began searching for support in this area because when my wife and I decided to use my VA loan to be approved for a house, I was approved but the lenders began informing us about some negative and extraneous items on my credit report that should not have been there, or never happened. With more research, I found out that this is common. I found NCF and decided to get their DVD and credit repair kit. The DVD was very informative. Not having the time to begin a long, time-consuming paper battle with credit bureaus, I contacted them to inquire about their fees. At first, I was hesitant, but once I sent them everything they asked for, I got a call from Monique who got the process rolling right away. She communicated with me consistently and I began receiving info from the credit bureaus right away that I immediately uploaded to her. Monique and her team were prompt and vigilant in responding to the credit bureaus and I was convinced that I was glad they are doing all of the work for me because I would have never have had the time to do it on my own, or knew where to start or what to say. All I had to do was sit back, send them any notices I received in the mail, check my portal at the NCF website, and watch my credit score go up, and things that were incorrect on my report began being removed. Soon after contacting NCF, my bank had initially approved me for a signature line of credit (PLOC) and three months into working with Monique, my bank extended my line of credit and lowered my interest rate. The bank representative stated he had never seen anyone's credit go up so much in such a short amount time (51 points in just three months, 115 points in four months). My wife and I have been approved for a home loan, and now I'm in a much better position to negotiate a lower interest rate and the various terms. I decided I'm going to stay with them for a while to monitor my credit and for support at a very reasonable rate. My experience with NCF far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them, and I have already recommended them to my family and friends. No need to wait any longer and allow the credit bureaus to have control over your quality of life. Call NCF and get the process rolling.

D – Alexandria,VA