Roy D in Texas started with National Credit Federation on May 16, 2012 with credit scores of:

Experian: 541

Equifax: 538

TransUnion: 527

You can click on the image to the left to see the before and after full size pdfs. Roy’s starting credit report was pulled on May 11, 2012 just 5 days before beginning his membership with NCF.

After just 1 round of challenges and taking the advice of his Case Manager, Krista, Roy’s credit report was pulled again. This time on July 30, 2012. Take a look at the improvement in just over 60 days:

Equifax: 667 (+129 Point Increase!)

TransUnion: 636 (+109 Point Increase!)

Experian: 636 (+95 Point Increase!)

We still have work to do for Roy, but we wanted to congratulate him on the huge results so far! We will continue to expect improvements over the coming months of Roy’s membership!

Now, Roy’s results are unique to Roy. Everyone’s credit report and financial situation are different so your results WILL vary.

The best way to get a feel for what to expect on your own credit improvement is to speak with one of our experienced credit professionals. All you need to do is call the number on the top of this page and ask to speak to someone about a free, no obligation credit consultation. Imagine, if you started today, where your scores will be in just a few months.