We are National Credit Federation an Attorney Based Credit Repair and Restoration program. We represent a group of Attorney’s that will put a legal challenge on your behalf against the 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) in an action to FORCE the removal of the negative and derogatory items on your credit report.

Upon Enrolling with us you will be assigned a case manager and an Attorney to your file. Your case manager will go through and highlight anything on your credit report that’s negatively affecting your scores. Your file will then be passed over to your Attorney. Your Attorney will draw up your disputes. It will be signed by your Attorney and on your Attorney’s letterhead and sent out to the credit bureaus.

Once your disputes have been sent out BY LAW the credit bureaus have to respond in 30 days. So the first round usually takes anywhere from 30-40 days and you will see a DRAMATIC increase in your scores at that time. We typically see about 30-40% of the negative items removed in just the first round. Our average members see an increase of their scores of 127 at the 6 month mark.

We are not necessarily disputing that your negative accounts never happened because you and I both know they did. Instead, we dispute the way they are being reported. You see the law states they have to be 100% in compliance, they have to verify and validate that all of the information is correct or it must be deleted off of the credit report. The majority of the time when it costs the credit bureaus more to maintain the information than what it is actually worth to them their only option is to delete.

The difference between other companies or even myself disputing the negative items, when it comes from me it gets shot through their computer e-oscar system where the majority of the items come back verified and that’s it. End of story. When it comes from an attorney they actually have to put a live person on that file, and that’s how we are able to achieve such excellent results for our clients.

After you sign up you will receive a USERNAME: and a PASSWORD to our member portal where you will be able to log in and view exactly which items we are disputing on your behalf. As the results come in you will see exactly what’s transpired what’s been deleted, repaired etc. And then we will begin to work on the second round of disputes. It is a very hands on program and you have the ability to contact your case manager (email, phone, or by leaving notes in your member portal) and expect to be contacted within 24 hours.

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Step 1:

Join TODAY and you will receive our “Welcome Email” that includes step-by-step instructions on gathering your necessary information. You will also receive instant access to your personal online account! NCF is wanting, and ready to get you started!

Step 2:

Send us all your documents! We will get started immediately by sending out legal challenges to the credit bureaus on your behalf!

Step 3:

By law, the credit bureaus have 30 days to send you credit updates via the US Postal Service. As soon as you receive the updates forward them on to us and we will begin the appeal process!

Step 4:

Sit back and watch your scores improve while NCF takes care of the work for you!