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Proven results! On average, our clients' credit scores are increased by 127 points after just 6 months using our FCRA targetted credit repair.

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Credit Repair - Is it the right thing to do?

Absolutely! If you have been turned down as a result of bad credit, have a higher interest rate on any Line of Credit, or if you are paying more for insurance than you should - you MUST take action! Here is the good news: YOU can do something about it! You have legal rights that the credit bureaus don't want you to understand. The interpretations that the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has made about the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are on YOUR side and in YOUR best interest. We want to teach you about these laws and how to improve your credit!

The Truth About Credit

There is so much misinformation and bad advice out there about what you are supposed to do (or not do) about your credit. We want to set the record straight once and for all. We are going to share with you 'insider' information the credit industry DOES NOT want you to know. Also, some very practical tips that YOU can do NOW to help your credit score!

Who is the National Credit Federation?

We are a nationwide membership based organization. Our mission is to assist those who are going through a financial difficulty or need a dramatic improvement in their credit score. National Credit Federation's "Credit University" will help you navigate through several credit myths, understand the consumer laws written to protect YOU, and help you make a smart decision regarding your credit file.