Here is an email that we received from our member who went through the entire program:

Subject: Re: Credit repair contract
From: Gus A <>
Date: Tue, August 16, 2011 6:17 am
To: Tony Baptista <>
Cc: Monique Martin <>

Hello Tony and Monique,

After a year of credit repair with you folks and following your instructions, my credit score has jumped from 610 avg to 700+ avg. I really appreciate all your efforts over the past year and value your service.

This is the last month of our contract which started in September of 2010.

Thanks —

Gus A.

We are so glad to have helped you out Gus! We wish you the best on your excellent credit future…you deserve it! Just keep on the path you have and you will be well on your way to 800 scores!