About Us

National Credit Federation, commonly referred to as NCF, is a nationwide, membership based organization. Our mission is to assist our members who are currently in or have successfully come through a financial crisis improve their creditworthiness, allowing them to achieve their credit objectives including home ownership.

This mission is accomplished by providing members with access to resources not normally available to "non-credit worthy" consumers, such as financing, banking, credit lines, professional legal assistance, tax advice, personal financial coaching, and personal financial education.

NCF members look forward to the feeling of

  • Confidence from being re-inserted back into the credit economy
  • Excitement of seeing their credit score bolstered to highest possible level.
  • Acceptance from being approved for the credit that they need and deserve.
  • Pride associated with home ownership.
  • Security in knowing that emergencies can be addressed less stressfully.
  • Improved self worth.

Members are educated in the credit system, take responsibility for their financial dealings, and ready to re-join the credit economy with a clean financial slate (credit profile), prepared to build a successful life for themselves and their families.