The credit reporting agency, Transunion settled on a class action lawsuit by setting aside 75 million dollars nearly 2 years ago.  Now, this amount is but a drop in the bucket and a baby slap on the wrist for this particular credit bureau but that discussion is for another day!

The reason if you’re not familiar should knock your socks off, make you down right red eyed with blood rising to your head causing those vessels to bulge. Why?  Well during the years of 1987 to 2000 Transunion was caught selling your most private information in some cases year after year making tens and tens of millions in profit off your information.  This action is against the law, a violation of the FCRA, but if you received credit offers in the mail how do you think those marketing companies got the names and addresses of the correct people to market to?

Bottom line is you had a car loan, credit card, line of credit, student loan or for that matter almost any line of credit then you might be able to get in on the action and get some cash!

You’ll need to hurry and make your claim by Sept 6, 2010!  My man Ryan Thompson a partner with Walls, Guerra, and Craft LLP does a great job explaining so LISTEN IN and you’ll find the link to make your claim.

My recommendation…you owe it to yourself as $100 to $1000 per violation is to be paid out but it will take you some time to complete the necessary complaint forms.  Take this opportunity to get some compensation for the “grief” you’ve experienced in how the credit agencies have treated you and your most private information!

Do not let this opportunity slip by…